The Leading 3PL – Third Party Logistics Company

Globe Inc Logistics is providing integrated logistics and supply chain solutions globally. We as a logistic partner work towards our core aim of becoming efficient, effective & economical logistic service partners globally.

With a team of logistic expertise, skilled manpower and a network across the globe has helped us to meet our clients and partners logistic business objective with integrated and green logistic solutions.

Though we were incorporated as a logistic company in India a year back with an aim to providing all types of logistics solutions globally like 3PL, 4PL, Sea Freight, Air Freight, Supply Chain Management, Warehousing, etc our team members with over 15 years of experience has helped us to add a great value to our significant growth as one of the leading logistics companies and even improvised on implementing organized logistics solutions with streamlined operations and improved warehousing that resulted in Low Operating Costs and 100% safe & secure delivery.

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